About Us


A blacksmith by profession, Geoff is one of the few area residents not afraid to rule against a troll in team sports. This means that his skills as both referee and sports reporter are highly in demand throughout the region.


Josie’s popular club The Dungeons puts her right at the heart of the region’s entertainment scene. If it’s happening, Josie will be one of the first to know!


Rincewind tends to avoid stressful activities, such as covering wars, politics, and rummage sales, but he is not averse to providing the odd book review. He maintains that he is not a magician, and is in no way related to his famous namesake Rincewind, the Wizard… although his luck does tend to be just as bad.


After an adventurous youth, which saw her playing a major role in the early life of Lord Lucian, The Divine One, Penumbra has established herself in the top echelons of Verdistis society. Her services in the field of stress relief are legendary, and she has recently become owner of the most popular dance club in the region.

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