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Talemaker’s tales

Finally, an oral history of the Farmlands has been written.

The farmlands have seen better days. Much better.

There was the year the harvest filled the barns to overflowing and tons of produce were exported through the rifts, bringing riches to all but the rats in the sewers.

There was the year that Duke Hark declared a moratorium on taxes for the farmers, after heavy rains had caused extensive crop damage. Or so he thought. It wasn’t really that bad, but tax breaks are rare, and the farmers weren’t about to correct him.

There was the year Lucian (The Divine One) arrived from Aleroth and solved the mystery of the virulent plague sweeping through the region.

And there was the year the rats in the sewers banded together to take over the market square… but I guess that was a BAD year!

Through good and bad, the farmlands have had interesting times aplenty, and now the wealth of lore, both historic and hearsay, has been gathered by local storyteller Finnegan Talemaker into Through All Seasons, a forthcoming title from Grok Press, Verdistis.

Known to the locals as “Doc Finn”, Talemaker has spent the past three summers ensconced at the Blue Boar Inn gathering an oral history over pints of good Dwarven ale. His researches have also taken him as far afield as Stormfist Castle and Verdistis, where he made extensive use of both public and private archives.

Rivellon Rhapsody Opens

Both art lovers and naturalists will be thrilled by a new exhibition now open in Verdistis.

On display in the spacious foyer of Sir Patrick’s mansion is Rivellon Rhapsody, featuring the works of three amazing talents: antx, Marian, and Alex. The trio have vividly portrayed the land, its flora, and its creatures, in stunning detail, having captured every subtle nuance of Rivellon’s complex and varied lifeforms.

Sir Patrick is said to be so pleased with these young artists that he is negotiating for space at the Merchants’ Guild, planning a permanent gallery of their works.

Entertainment Briefs

By Josie
Featured columnist

A look at entertainment news and events from throughout the region…

Thrill-seekers of all ages are flocking to The Dungeons, newly opened near the Castle. Hosted by Yours Truly, the screams are loud; the music, even louder! Come and check us out.

Fans of fine ales will be delighted to learn that Rimmer of Glenborus has some really superb new stock. Drop by and see him. Tell him Josie sent you!

Rob, of Verdistis’ Ducal Inn, will be visiting Ars Magicana next month to promote his new book, Treasures in the Sewers. Described as "a fantastical adventure under the streets of Verdistis", the title recently won the coveted Bookie Prize, which is awarded annually by the Thieves’ Guild.

The Blue Boar Inn has managed to book the popular band, Denizen, for a series of concerts during the forthcoming Festival. The band has a loyal following in the region; so expect standing room only crowds. Since Denizen rarely comes to these parts, this is a not to be missed event.

At the Literary Emporium

Poetry, torture, and sacrifice feature in intriguing new material now available at the local book shop.

A new shipment of books has arrived at the Literary Emporium and Lending Library. Included is a newly revised and updated edition of Rhianna Pratchett's fascinating history, A Child of the Chaos.

Among other titles:

  • The Adventures of the Dreaming Gem, by legendary Orc freebooter Coram Bloodclub
  • A Little Torturer Primer, by Payne
  • How Our Ancestors Made Sacrifices, by Durbatrix
  • The Collected Works of Alrik Fassbauer, in a new, deluxe, three-volume edition
  • Reanimation Notes, by Mage Marduk

Imps - “demon spawn”?

A new book by Prof. L. Ipsimus examines the life and culture of Imps, and discusses their role in the history of the six races.

The place of Imps in Rivellon society has always been problematic, and a new publication from the Department of Culture at the University of the Seven Gods may serve to muddy the waters even further.

Professor Lorem Ipsimus’ new book, titled Children of Gods, Spawn of Demons, compares Rivellon’s somewhat ambivalent view of Imps with the decidedly negative outlook of the mysterious Raanaar of Nemisis.

Much of the Nemisis material comes from the experience of paladin Sir Harry D’Esmayed, gleaned during his struggles to escape from the dungeons of that world and return to Rivellon. Time spent in an Imp village and in the former Raanaar Academy provided Sir Harry with a unique insight, which he shared with the professor over a period of several months. His tendency to be something of a pack rat also helped; he brought to Rivellon invaluable books and manuscripts, which are now housed in the USG library.

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