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Search for answers, or become a member and post your questions. There are separate forums (in English and German) for Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, the latter two featuring Help/Tips/Tricks and Technical Problems threads. If forum members can’t help—which is unlikely as long as the inimitable Raze is around—members of the Larian team have been known to jump in to assist.
New in August 2008 are forums for Divinity 2: Ego Draconis, which is scheduled for release in Q2 2009.

The Locus Inn

Myrthos’ site, which stays up-to-date with all things Divinity, features the downloadable Beyond Divinity Strategy Guide, a remarkably fine creation of Larian forum stalwarts Raze, Kiya, Barnabus, and, of course, Myrthos himself. The illustrations alone are well worth the download time; this fully-indexed Guide truly is a thing of beauty, and a joy to peruse. Contents include a complete walkthrough, quest details, skills and stats, backgrounders, and even the mathematics of the game. The .pdf formatted Guide is available in three resolutions, ranging from 16 to 47MB in size. 

Beyond Divinity @ GameBanshee

All the essentials are here, including a walkthrough complete with maps and numbered locations. Also lists of unique items by act, and of charms and their effects. Selecting the walkthrough from the menu on the left provides access to detailed menus on the right side of the screen, allowing selection by act and specific area so you can get the help you need to make it safely through the perils of the game world.

Hellfighter’s BD Site

Hellfighter has raised map-making to a new level with his superb maps for Beyond Divinity: refer to them by act and area, or download the entire package. The maps are available with notes in German, French, or English.

Hellfighter’s DD Site

Maps galore—in German, French, and English, a complete guide to where you are in the game! Also features smilies, avatars, and other graphical delights.

Desdemona’s Walkthrough

Does what it says, neatly and succinctly. Beyond Divinity’s Acts, Quests, Maps, Teachers, Skills, Weapons, Armour—all in well-organized detail, and complete with illustrations. 

LadyBug’s Fanpage

This French language site is nicely illustrated and chock full of help. In addition to walkthroughs, maps, other game-play information, the site features a section entitled La Galerie, where those who have finished the game can post their final experience and reputation stats, show their armour and selected weapons, and, if they choose, give out tips on their winning strategies.

Divine Divinity @ GameBanshee

This section of the GameBanshee network is brimming with information, all nicely organized to help you through the game. Includes the background story, gameplay tips, and all the dope on character classes, skills, attributes, and reputation.

Kiya’s Divine Divinity Fanpage

Saved from the oblivion of a bankrupt host, Kiya’s Divinity is now under the protection of Lynn of Larian and the intrepid Xanlosch of the Forum. So if you’re not sure where to go next, or just confused by vague verbal descriptions of locations, Kiya’s site is still where you need to be… Carefully documented with screenshots and detailed maps, this is clearly a labour of love, and “labour” was certainly what Kiya must have done to put this amazing site together. [The remarkable lady Kiya was also a member of the team that put together the Beyond Divinity Strategy Guide.]

Aviorn’s Inn [defunct]

A charming illustration of New Rivertown provides the main navigation for Kejero’s Divine Divinity fansite, which features a Sounds of Rivellon section with information about the music of the game.Although the link to the Divine Divinity Music Extractor no longer works, the actual music links can still deliver the goods. [The extractor, which extracts the music (in ogg format) directly from a game installation, is still available from a link in the official Larian Studio forums. Look for the DD music thread in the Divine Divinity (English) > General section.]

Planet Divinity

Nemisis Dragon’s German language site is now updated with the latest news on Divinity 2, and continues to provide Divinity Universe information, screenshots, maps… well, pretty much everything one could ask for, although the vast bulk of detail relates to the original Divine Divinity game. 

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