The World of Sports

By Geoff

Featured columnist

Word of a possible archery competition at the upcoming Festival has everyone excited, and targets have been set up on every hayrick in the region. Every young adventurer sees himself grabbing the prize away from the favoured Elves, and well...who knows?

The Trolls have taken a 3-0 lead in the second annual touch football tourney, held, as usual, near the Healers’ enclave. While the tourney was planned to be best of five, there is some doubt whether the final games will in fact be played, as only three of the Human team members have escaped injury thus far. Although the Troll players have been commendable, only accounting for two accidental injuries in the Human camp, some fans have gotten a little carried away with the rocks, according to the captain of the Troll team.

And finally, fans of the sport will be pleased to hear that a new rat bashing record has been set. During last week’s competition, a young Verdistis entrant, calling himself "Bloodclub" in honour of the renowned orc freebooter, managed to rid the sewers of 347 rats in the allotted 60 minutes. The previous record, set four years ago by an Ars Magicana lad, was 283 rats.

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