Talemaker’s tales

The farmlands have seen better days. Much better.

There was the year the harvest filled the barns to overflowing and tons of produce were exported through the rifts, bringing riches to all but the rats in the sewers.

There was the year that Duke Hark declared a moratorium on taxes for the farmers, after heavy rains had caused extensive crop damage. Or so he thought. It wasn’t really that bad, but tax breaks are rare, and the farmers weren’t about to correct him.

There was the year Lucian (The Divine One) arrived from Aleroth and solved the mystery of the virulent plague sweeping through the region.

And there was the year the rats in the sewers banded together to take over the market square… but I guess that was a BAD year!

Through good and bad, the farmlands have had interesting times aplenty, and now the wealth of lore, both historic and hearsay, has been gathered by local storyteller Finnegan Talemaker into Through All Seasons, a forthcoming title from Grok Press, Verdistis.

Known to the locals as “Doc Finn”, Talemaker has spent the past three summers ensconced at the Blue Boar Inn gathering an oral history over pints of good Dwarven ale. His researches have also taken him as far afield as Stormfist Castle and Verdistis, where he made extensive use of both public and private archives.

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