Scandal Brewing?

By a correspondent

In by-gone days, everyone knew of Tingalf, a familiar figure in Ars Magicana, although few would admit to his acquaintance. Reputed to be a black marketeer and smuggler, he remained on the fringes of society, oft arrested, but never convicted. Many a tale of Tingalf’s exploits enlivened a night at the Blue Boar Inn, and in the dark days of war, his cunning was relied on to put food on the tables of the poor.

Tingalf and The Divine One?
Tingalf with an unknown citizen. Could it be The Divine One? This unauthenticated picture was sent anonymously to The Chronicle’s office.

But now, many years after the man himself has disappeared from the region, critics of the current regime are alleging that Tingalf was known to have had close ties with The Divine One.

Lucian, The Divine One, was then called The Marked One, and spent many months questing and exploring Rivellon, battling The Black Ring and seeking to end The Lord of Chaos’ reign. That he ultimately succeeded in his quest, after being anointed The Divine One by the restored Council of Seven, is recorded history. But did he, during those trials, associate with the criminal element? This is the question now being raised, and, according to some, Lucian’s credibility now stands in doubt.

Although support for Lucian remains strong throughout the region, there have been calls for judicial hearings into the charges. An initial review of the evidence will be held next week at Stormfist Castle.

Since Lucian’s status as The Divine One has been affirmed by the entire Council of Seven, it is doubtful that the current situation can do significant damage, but his critics seem determined to cause him as much embarrassment as possible. Some speculate that the purpose behind the disclosure is to diminish his status among the troops, thereby weakening the strength of the Alliance.

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