Rivellon - A Delightful Escape

Whether you run the rifts or come by more conventional means, Rivellon has much to offer the traveller. The upcoming Festival in Rivertown marks the first event of its kind in several years, and is certain to attract many visitors to the area. You will need to plan ahead, and book your accommodation early.

Rivellon is a vast land but many of the teleporters are free, making travel easy.

For those on a tight budget, Verdistis’ famous Ducal Inn seems far too luxurious to hope for, but in exchange for "a bit of help", Rob is happy to offer a special budget price to enterprising visitors. Although not as convenient as local Rivertown inns, Verdistis is noted for its fine homes and stately Guild Houses, and also has excellent shopping areas. To make it easy to get to the Festival, a public teleporter is located in the park, just south of the impressive edifice housing the Merchants’ Guild.

The Blue Boar Inn will be hosting many of the concert events for the Festival. Located to the east of the Castle, right on the main road, it provides an ideal spot for vacationing in the region. Be aware, however, that rooms are going quickly, and you can expect to pay a premium here.

If you wish to be right near the action, The Dwarven Bread Inn is just south of one of the Festival’s main venues, and is another popular local spot best know for its superb Dwarven ale. Nearby is the lovely Dwarven village of Glenborus, home of the famous Stone Axe Memorial.

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