Party Time for Rivellon

By a correspondent

Buoyed by a post in the forums of their major Outworld promotor, Larian Studios, the board has voted in favour of a month-long “Through the Rift to Rivellon” celebration, culminating in spectacular fireworks displays to be held simultaneously at Stormfist Castle, the Merchants’ Guild in Verdistis, and several other locations throughout Rivellon.

Committees appointed by the board have already begun planning the massive undertaking, which they anticipate will take at least six months of intensive preparations.

If it comes off, the festival will prove a real boon to the region’s struggling tourism industry. Intermittent warfare and roving bands of marauders have kept many travellers off the roads of late, and the local hostelries are feeling the pinch.

The Divine One has pledged increased security for festival venues, Outworld portals, and all major roadways.

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