Fun with Tourists

Peace returning to the farmlands has also meant a return of travelers. Apart from increased business for local hostelries, this brings amusement and some extra cash for Hugh, who lives near the church formerly known as "the cursed abbey".

To let Hugh tell the tale: "I got to know the new priest pretty well of late, and it turns out that Father Ted, he likes a spot of fun, he does. So one night we was talkin’ about the old days of the cursed abbey, and all the old tales. And I remembers this umm… certain object, y’see, that was magicked to drain the energy out of anyone pickin’ it up. So I says to the good Father, is that old thing still about? Yes, he says (catching my meaning), it is.

"So Father, I says, hows about you leave it out and see if someone’ll walk off with it, and since my farm’s the closest on the road, they’re sure to be past, and I’ll get it back for you. Well, Father Ted, he’s heard the stories, and he says "What’s in it for you, my lad?", and I says, "If someone picks it up, and gives it back to you being as how they found it in the abbey, no harm done. But if they take it and leave, well, I’ll see the silly buggers draggin’ themselves down the road, and scare ‘em good and proper! And then, I’ll sell ‘em a cure if they promise to give up their thievin’ ways."

Hugh claims that, split 50/50, the proceeds have bought the church a new stained glass window. He remains silent on the subject of his own share of the take.

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