Entertainment Briefs

By Josie

Featured columnist

Thrill-seekers of all ages are flocking to The Dungeons, newly opened near the Castle. Hosted by Yours Truly, the screams are loud; the music, even louder! Come and check us out.

Fans of fine ales will be delighted to learn that Rimmer of Glenborus has some really superb new stock. Drop by and see him. Tell him Josie sent you!

Rob, of Verdistis’ Ducal Inn, will be visiting Ars Magicana next month to promote his new book, Treasures in the Sewers. Described as "a fantastical adventure under the streets of Verdistis", the title recently won the coveted Bookie Prize, which is awarded annually by the Thieves’ Guild.

The Blue Boar Inn has managed to book the popular band, Denizen, for a series of concerts during the forthcoming Festival. The band has a loyal following in the region; so expect standing room only crowds. Since Denizen rarely comes to these parts, this is a not to be missed event.

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