Rumours of War - True!

Travel restrictions and tight security have kept the truth from us, but word is now out: Rivellon is in crisis!

A small group of refugees have found their way to Rivertown, bearing evil tidings of demon armies, massacres, and utter devastation only a short distance from our borders. They claim the forces of chaos, led by Damien (that monstrous child of our Divine One) are already in complete control of some areas.

Civic officials are unhappy about these developments, fearing loss of both authority and lucrative jobs. “We should have been immediately informed of the situation,” said one Councillor, “this is outrageous!” He added, “I’m sure we could have discussed the situation with Damien and come to reasonable terms if only we had known the extent of the conflict.”

Military officials merely commented that this was precisely why they had not been informed.

Until more reliable information is available, citizens here will be tormented by bizarre and garbled tales told by exhausted, confused, and frightened travellers. Stories of monsters, stories of dragons, and even a vile rumour of the death of the Divine One himself. 

Healers’ Community Rocked by Scandal

By a correspondent

Life is no longer peaceful in the healers’ enclave at Aleroth, thanks to retirement fund trustees’ involvement in a real estate development scheme.

In this staid community of venerable healers and apothecaries, life is usually predictable, with few challenges other than a new enchantment or disease to combat, and even fewer surprises. Now an imp-inspired real estate scam has changed all that, and embroiled the community in conflict and recriminations.

Polarized into factions, Aleroth divided is no longer a peaceful place. Supporters of the Healers’ Retirement Fund insist that trustees were within their rights to buy into a huge land development project in a remote area of Rivellon. The land in question.
The land in dispute: who really owns it?

They agree with trustee statements declaring the deal to be “an ambitious and worthy venture likely to increase values and afford all participants growth and benefits in the long term”.

Detractors say, “Balderdash!”

The controversy began scant weeks ago, when a delegation of imps arrived to make a presentation to a closed meeting of the Fund’s board of trustees. When the session ended, the imps were honoured at a banquet hosted by the Fund chairman before setting out for Verdistis and meetings with the Merchants’ Guild.

It was another twelve hours before Fund trustees publicly announced their new land acquisition, and attendant involvement in the development scheme. Citizens appeared sceptical, but interested. For some, the wealth of flora in the proposed community promised a retirement of contentment, filled with happy opportunities for research and study. The thoughts of others turned to building adequate structures able to protect them from bugs, arthritis, and ague.

Then an unsigned message arrived, and the community was torn apart.

The note reads, in effect: 'This is our home! How could you, you bastards?!'

Trustees argued that the barely literate wording of the message denoted fraud; others felt it indicated precisely the opposite.

And if even semi-literate beings inhabit the land, by what right are the imps able to offer it for development? This is the question that will keep the debate lively in the weeks to come, and may eventually lead to an investigation by the highest courts in the land. No doubt the Verdistis Merchants’ Guild will be watching this situation closely.


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